In Memoriam


Last updated 6th October 2011


06/10/11 Melbourne Royal Show 2011:- Ch Hochspitz Sirocco wins BOB again.
View all results & photos. (this year's results show health and pics of parents & absent entries)
Pascha still going strong at 12+ years and Cora now sterilised, is still battling Anal Furunculosis
Hochspitz Dark Shiraz was put to sleep 6 weeks short of her 10th birthday, Hermangiosarcoma, spleen & liver.
03/11/10 New photos of Pascha taken with Hein & Metha during their visit to Melbourne
01/10/10 Melbourne Royal Show 2010:- Ch Hochspitz Jadugarr takes Runner Up Best of Breed.
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13/09/10 I am very sorry that I still haven't found the time to re-work this site properly, I simply cannot find the time. But in honour of Pascha who at over 11 years old and her 1st "Champagne" litter who turned 9 years old, I have uploaded the Champagne and Pascha's pages.
25/05/10 I am in the process of moving this site, so nothing works at the moment!
13/10/09 Cora has been diagnosed with Anal Furunculosis. I will update her page as I learn more.
Melbourne Royal Show 2009:- Ch Hochspitz Sirocco takes Runner Up Best of Breed.
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8/10/09 Julius von der Boxmühle (Puff); At last Georgia has updated her website,see more at http://ursiform.net
4/10/09 New photos of Pascha at 10 and a quarter years old
19/7/09 Aussi has grown into a lovely looking boy and Puff has setlled in well with Georgia and her crew.
6/7/09 Ben's mating did not take despite excellent semen evaluation
Sadly, I report another death from the River's Litter
15/6/09 Pascha turns 10 years old. CONGRATULATIONS!
13/6/09 Puff arrives in Australia at long last!
Puppies are due mid July. Please view puppy page for details.
9/5/09 Where does the time go??? I have new pics of Ben and James but they aren't done yet.
After the usual dramas Puff is due to arrive in about a month's time. He is looking super, details on Puff's page.
27/12/08 George, Hochspitz Zyzyx, enjoys his Christmas present
15/12/08 A couple more pics of Jack. Doesn't look like he is too keen on the winter weather -;))
11/11/08 Jack travels to Holland for Dutch club's Young Dogs Day
6/11/08 A new import from Germany for Hochspitz and Ursiform. Jack is doing his quarantine time in France.
5/11/08 Finally got around to updating Titan's page. He is maturing into a gorgeous boy!
28/9/08 Ch Hochspitz Sirocco wins Best of Breed at the Melbourne Royal!
Results and Photos from The Royal Melbourne Show.
28/7/08 Ben and Rasta win BOB and RUBOB at Utility Championship Show and James goes to his new home.
19/7/08 Photo of Aussi taken after his hip surgery recently.
5/7/08 James, from the "Sacrifice" litter is urgently in need of a new home. New pics at 2 years old
9/6/08 About time that Tau's page was updated with a new photo. He really is a lovely boy!
5/5/08 As promised a couple more pics of the "sacrifice" Kids, Sirocco and Seerix
15/4/08 "Sacrifice" kids are now 2 years old and Sirocco has also gained her Australian crown. See Sacrifice page for new pics... more to come!
17/3/08 New photo of Ben (Ch Hochspitz Jadugarr) at nearly 2 years old
24/2/08 Aussi meets up with Cora and Sirocco for some fun at the beach. Pics on Aussi's page
21/1/08 Rhapsody, my wonderful Bernese, is put to sleep
1/1/2008 I have finished the prototype for the Australian Leonberger Stud Book.